Alter Forum International

For over a decade Alter Forum has been working to bring socio-economic changes to Western Sahara region of Morocco. Bachir Edkhil, the founder of Alter Forum believes that “There is no economic change without the change of a human being.” That change is implemented through the literacy classes, social economy courses, creating economic opportunities and empowering the people to start small businesses.

  • Literacy Program
  • Health Education Course
  • Student Exchange
Social Economy
  • Employment Support
  • Leadership Training Course
  • Cooperatives
  • Health Cooperation
  • Medical Caravans
  • Telemedicine Program

International Collaboration

We are committed to development of educational and socio-economic initiatives and we collaborate with local partners, as well as national and international institutions. Our foreign partners include individuals and organizations form Spain, US and France, who have an essential part in development and implementation of our new projects and assist us in spearheading new ideas.

Recent Events and Activities / Actividades Recientes

Escribir sobre dunas.

Se ha presentado en el Foro Tarfaya el libro “Escribir sobre dunas”.El desierto del Sahara ha sido siempre un territorio hostil para el hombre, a pesar de lo cual numerosas culturas han emergido y logrado consolidarse a lo largo de la historia. El libro que presentamos está escrito por Bachir Edkhil, beduino saharaui, politólogo, ex miembro del Frente Polisario y fundador de la Ong Alter Forum Internacional Lea mas


In November 2015 Spanish medical caravan came to Laayoune to provide medical care for the poor.

La caravana médica española llegó a El Aaiún en noviembre 2015 para dar ayuda medica a los pobres.


Cooperation partnership between Radjem (GRES) from the University of Barcelona and Alter Forum on research and studies

La firma del acuerdo de cooperación entre Radgem (GRES) de la universidad de Barcelona y Alter Forum


Economic Symposium “Who governs in times of crisis and instability” in February 2015 at National Library in Rabat

Simposio Económico “¿Quién gobierna en tiempos de crisis e inestabilidaden febrero de 2015 en Rabat


Javier Gil Leon from Gran Canaria taught the photography workshop of the desert in Laayoune Read more

Javier Gil Leon de Gran Canaria enseñó el programa fotografico Taller de Fotografia en el Desierto Lea mas


Scouts from Grand Canary and Sahara youth came together for the 2nd International Youth Camp Read more

Los Scouts de Gran Canaria y los jovenes del Sahara vinieron para el segundo Campamento Internacional Lea mas