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Tiris Consulting has published the articles about the success of Alter Forum International and its two major projects Cuscus Factory and Sabor del Sahara


36Alter Forum The action of non-governmental organizations can move towards many fronts, because in general there are many needs that come in the world today. Typically ONGs are directed to a single target, or parallel objectives… Read more


scouts-5Sabor del Sahara Taste of the Sahara is a campground located about 20 km from the city of Laayoune. The history of the region is the subject of this article and it shows that Western Sahara has plunged into a political conflict that lasted almost 40 years… Read more


gallery-cuscus7Cuscus Factory One such project is the Cuscus Factory in the city of Smara. This factory provides employment for many women in a region with high unemployment and a difficult socio-economic situation. The manufacturing process combines high-tech production with employment opportunities, while using the solar energy system… Read more